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While browsing Duncan's antique store, a mysterious woman named Rebecca Lord inquires about a sword that he once took from a rival immortal named Walter Reinhardt. Duncan agrees to let her test the sword, and he is shocked to find that she uses the same style as Reinhardt. Having never taken Reinhardt's head, Duncan fears that the two may be working together to defeat him.
After having an unfinished duel with another immortal, a mysterious woman appears in Duncan´s store…<br/><br/>Interestingly, this episode pretty much begins with Duncan saying to Tessa that Richie has the right to make his own mistakes when he (Richie) is about to begin at his new job as cars salesman strictly on commissions, while Duncan seems even more careless than Richie accepting to fence to test a very particular sword with the lady we just mentioned, a sword he had taken after that unfinished duel with another immortal: Walter Reinhardt. And her fighting style resembles much that of Reinhardt´s!!! …<br/><br/>Thanks for reading.<br/><br/>IMDb Review written by David del Real.<br/><br/>2017.
We see another friend of Richies, as he tries for another job, car salesman, gotta love the way he tells Mac and Tess about it. <br/><br/>An Immortal enemy of Macs is back, he, Walter Reinhardt, is sure but hasn&#39;t &quot;sensed&quot; him yet and his mortal fiancée, Rebecca Lord, is out for blood. She doesn&#39;t know about them, thinks he is dead and Mad did it, also doesn&#39;t know that her fiancée really has no use except to use and &quot;throw&quot; out or kill. Mac has his sword so he is &quot;guilty&quot;, takes/steels it, tells Tess to meet him and leaves. <br/><br/>Mean while Molly, Richie&#39;s friend, brings back car sold to her by him and its hardly working, the boss says as is, they not happy, he quits, turns to leave as phone rings, his &quot;boss&quot; says its a guy who Richie served wants him to pick up check and bring car, Richie has no intention of doing so till &quot;boss&quot; says he will fix car no charge, Richie says OK and if he gets commission from the car and all in writing.<br/><br/>A dress made with chemicals, Tess thinks gift gets it on as Mac gets home, good thing he does as it starts to burn her and zipper stuck, rips off shower to the shower quickly. A doc who makes house call (wow), says she is lucky that she got to the shower as quickly as she did, she&#39;ll be OK. Mac knows who sent they talking about it when phone rings. What took you so long Mr Macloud been trying you for hours, Mac says Tess had accident phone off for a bit. More of the Mr. Macloud (Richie of course), then Rebecca has me you to meet her…Mac says got it. Tess asks &quot;Rebecca&quot;, no, Reinhardt has him. <br/><br/>Gets to Rebecca, says all that happened, she is what, somewhere in there tell her to fake dead, fights, Reinhardt sees, comes in asking about killing innocent, she gets up attacks, knocked out, the guys fight &quot;going&quot; out the window, Mac wins. Rebecca finally says he used me to get you, Mac says yes, she wishes they&#39;d met 1st, hand kissed good buy, looks like he is going to take care of the body as he leaves, he doesn&#39;t let her see.

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